On the Radio

Here's where BAM! is getting airplay (terrestrial radio) as of July 27th, 2022.

If you see your local station listed, please help make a difference by calling and requesting your favorite tracks from BAM!. The most-played tracks of the moment are Smoke on the Water, Bolivia, It Could Happen to You, and The Crippled Waltz. If you DON'T see your station listed, please give them a call and let them know about it.

The band and myself are truly grateful for your  ongoing support!

CILU (Thunder Bay, ON)
Hawaii Public Radio
Jazz After Hours/PRX (nationally syndicated radio program)
Jazz 24/7 (streaming service from WGBH Boston)
Jazz FM (U.K.)
Jazz From Gallery 41 (webcaster)
KAZI (Austin, TX)
KCCK (Cedar Rapids, IA)
KCPB (Astoria, OR)
KCSB (Santa Barbara, CA)
KEWU (Spokane, WA)
KFFR (Winter Park, CO)
KHNS (Haines, AK)
KMUD (Redway, CA)
KSDS (San Diego, CA)
KUVO (Denver, CO)
KVSC (St. Cloud, MN)
Radio Charleston (Charleston, WV) (webcaster)
South Dakota Public Radio
Taintradio (webcaster)
WBGU (Bowling Green, OH)
WCPN/WCLV (Cleveland, OH)
WDCB (Chicago, IL)
WDNA (Miami, FL)
WDIY (Bethlehem, PA)
WGMC (Rochester, NY)
WICN (Worcester/W. Boston, MA)
WJSU (Jackson, MS)
WMCB (Greenfield, MA)
WMPG (Portland, ME)
WMSE (Milwaukee, WI)
WMVY (Martha’s Vineyard/Tisbury, MA)
WNCW (Asheville, NC)
WNCU (Durham, NC)
WOOC (Troy, NY)
WOWD (Takoma Park, MD/Washington, D.C.)
WPRB (Princeton, NJ)
WQLN (Erie, PA)
WRUU (Savannah, GA)
WRUW (Cleveland, OH)
WTJU (Charlottesville, VA)
WUML (Lowell, MA)
WWNO (New Orleans, LA)
WWPV (Burlington, VT)
WWUH (West Hartford, CT)
WXPN/Blue Dimensions (Philadelphia, PA/syndicated via PRX)
WZUM (Pittsburgh, PA)