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Welcome to Drumming in Motion, my online educational portal. In more than a decade of online teaching, I have developed a unique training system that has helped thousands of drummers at every level find a deeper connection to their drumming, and offer them  skills that will make them more "employable" in the real world of music.
I call this outside-the-box training program the "Motion Based System." Studying it offers you a big-picture awareness of what you're doing behind a drum set broken into three parts: the WHAT (patterns and independence), the WHY (evolution - knowing where it comes from), and the HOW (the motions that make up the core of it all).
To learn how the Motion Based System will supercharge your groove and transform you into the best version of your drumming self, I invite you to watch the following video. It's the first in a six-part series that I call "All About The Groove."


There are currently two programs available in the Drumming In Motion library:

1. Finding Your Golden Groove

Good news! Finding Your Golden Groove will be re-opening to accept a new group of students. The cart will be open for four days, March 29 - April 1, 2022. For more information about the course - and to get a FREE copy of my mini-eBook The Secrets Behind John Bonham and Keith Moon - just click the link below.
The link will also connect you to my FREE 6-PART VIDEO SERIES "ALL ABOUT GROOVE." These videos are the first step to building a deep, powerful pocket and feeling more comfortable behind the drums.

2. The Best Damn Shuffles Course Ever!

Whatever style of music you play – rock, blues, funk, hip hop, jazz, metal, country, gospel or reggae – I guarantee that you will encounter a shuffle. For many drummers, shuffles are a glaring weak spot. In this six-module course, you'll learn the key motions to create an AUTHENTIC SOUNDING SHUFFLE that can be used in many different styles of music.
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Not only is Daniel a passionate, thorough, patient and great teacher, his methods are not a gimmick. They truly work. Studying with Daniel completely changed not only how I play the drums, but my understanding of feel, time, and groove. I highly recommend Daniel to anyone who wants to understand and play the drums on a deeper level. He’s an encyclopedia of drums and a really nice person too.

Asa Crusoe
Eugene, OR


Through decades of experience, the knowledge gained from life as a pro, and learning the secrets from s the legendary drum sages, Daniel has distilled all of his wisdom down into a fresh, fun, and easy to learn system that will give you real and tangible results in a short amount of time. He made a noticeably more refined player out of me, and will do the same for you Guaranteed! Sensei Glass is the best drum educator out there without a doubt!

Jean K.
New Jersey 



Joe Harris



Karen Biller
Austin, TX

Daniel Glass …

…. is an award-winning drummer, author, historian and educator based in New York City. He is widely recognized as an authority on classic American drumming and the evolution of American Popular Music. A member of the pioneering swing group Royal Crown Revue since 1994, Daniel has recorded and performed all over the world with a diverse roster of top artists, including Brian Setzer, Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli, Jose Feliciano, Michelle Shocked, Mike Ness, Freddie Cole, Air Supply’s Graham Russell, Marilyn Maye, the Hot Sardines, the Budapest Jazz Orchestra, Luann De Lesseps from the Real Housewives of New York, and KISS front man Gene Simmons. For two years running, Daniel was voted one of the top five R&B drummers in the world by readers of Modern Drummer and DRUM magazine. Since 2011, he has been the house drummer every Monday night at New York’s legendary Birdland Jazz Club.