MIM 2: Analyzing Ash Soan

ashsoan drummingmotions motion based system motionbasedsystem what makes this groove great May 08, 2024
Here's the first in a new video series called "What Makes This Groove Great?"

The first episode offers a limb-by-limb deconstruction of the great groover Ash Soan, analyzing the specifics of his MOTIONS. Most drummers make a big mistake when they focus only on patterns as a means to develop their groove. From my perspective, the secret to a killer groove isn't about WHAT you're doing, it's about HOW YOU'RE DOING IT (meaning the way you're moving).

Many of you know that my teaching system focuses around what I call the MOTION BASED SYSTEM, the idea that it's possible to develop a deep and powerful time feel (aka "pocket"), by paying attention to elements like, gravity, the weight of our limbs, and focusing on the UP as opposed to the DOWN. Starting with this video, I'm going to show you how that actually breaks down in the real world.
More of these deconstructions to come. I'll be analyzing the motions of Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Charlie Watts, Dave Grohl, Steve Gadd, Stewart Copeland, Nate Smith and many others.